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Lake Mead

On the Lake Mead Guided Tour, you may paddle by kayak or paddle board. Feel the excitement as you paddle through history and enjoy the unmatched beauty of the timeless landscape!

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The Lake Mead landscape was shaped and defined between 13 million to 18 million years ago! Can you imagine what it must have been like back then? It was nothing like the placid scene you’ll find today.

Violent tectonic movement and a stretching of the thin earth crust around the area that is now Lake Mead allowed hot flows of mineral rich hydrothermal fluids to seep up through igneous (volcanic) rock formations. Kayaking then would not have been the pleasant excursion it is today!

The present landscape at the base of Fortification Hill was painted by these hot, mineral rich flows, and the result is truly breathtaking. The amazing rich colors you see from the Boulder Islands early in the morning is the result of minerals in the landscape, including iron, magnesium and basalt. These minerals lend rich hues and drama to the scene, and they are not to be missed on any tour of this spectacular region.

Morning Hours

Our excursion begins with an early morning guided paddle around the Boulder Islands where you have an unparalleled view of the Ancient Paint Pots. From the Boulder Islands we take a morning stretch, and you may enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake. This is an unmatched way to start your day, enjoying the beauty of Lake Mead.

 The 3.5  to 4 hour tour includes  fresh pastries and healthy breakfast snacks, fresh fruit juice, and all the water you could ask for! We hit the cool clear lake by 7:15 and return to shore by 10:45 am.

Remember, if we are picking you up, please be on time and ready to roll as a courtesy to others sharing your adventure. Pick up is between 5:45 to 6:00 am. return is schedule for 11:45 am, depending on your location.

This is an exceptional tour for those who have plans in the afternoon. This tour is priced at $129.00 and includes all food, beverage, taxes and park fees. You don’t have to worry about a thing except having a wonderful time! Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.

Evening Hours

The same tour is available for a sunset paddle around the Boulder Islands. This is an extraordinary and beautiful way to end the day. Give yourself the gift of a lifetime!