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Core Fitness: Paddle Fit Workout

River Dogz - Lake Mead Tours

The Paddle Fit Workout is a great cardio workout for the young or young at heart. It includes proper stand up paddling techniques and instruction geared to strengthen your core muscles. When you paddle correctly, you have less wear and tear on your back and joints, promoting your longevity in the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). Your Paddle Fit Pro certified coach focuses on your individual needs, from one-on-one training to groups up to 7 people.

Classes: One  hour classes are  $75.00. This includes  a healthy snack and plenty of bottled water.

Locations: We offer classes in two locations – the Colorado River and Lake Mead. The Colorado River class includes a visit to the historical Water Gaugers Home Site, which is just north of Willow Beach, Arizona. The Lake Mead class includes a visit to the Boulder Islands.


River Dogz - Willow Beach Tours


River Dogz - Lake Mead Tours


River Dogz - Lake Mead Tours


River Dogz - Lake Mead Tours


River-Dogz - Lake Mead Tours
Tips are not required but are welcome for your Paddle Fit Coaches!River Dogz - Willow Beach ToursRiver Dogz - Willow Beach Tours


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