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Valley of Fire

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Coming soon spring 2016! Valley of Fire State Park is a breathtaking wonderland! Over a 150 million years of fault uplifting and erosion has shaped this bold colored landscape, from sand dunes to nature’s own Picasso! Take a step back in time from the time Dinosaurs walked this Valley. Gaze at the many shades of light as the sun rises coloring the iron rich sand stone where ancient native Americans tell their story.

The Valley of Fire gets its name from the red sandstone formations that define its limits. These spectacular and eerie walls were formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs. As the centerpiece of the park’s attractions, these geologic features sometimes seem to be on fire when reflecting the ray of the setting sun.

Some of these  Petroglyphs are  over 3,000 years old. That means they were etched in an era before biblical times!

A variety of hikes here in Valley of Fire are available, from a series of short half-day excursions to full-day adventures.

One half-day hiking tour we offer is affectionately called the Photographers Dream Tour! Your day starts with a free shuttle from your hotel or other pick-up points throughout the Las Vegas Area. You will have a  50-minute scenic drive to the Valley of Fire, and a complimentary breakfast snack with juice is served along the way.

Once in Valley of fire, your guide will make sure you have all the comforts you need for your tour, providing you safety instructions and information about the history of the park. As with all our tours, we are completely focused on taking care you!

Your first adventure starts at Mouse’s Tank, named for a renegade Paiute Indian called “Little Mouse.” This native warrior used the maze of rocks to hide from the white man’s law for an extended period of time back in the 1890s. One deep sandstone depression he used was shaded from the sun, and it would allow rainwater to pool for months. This gave Mouse a water source during hot summer months, and he handily evaded his pursuers, making a legend for himself in the process.

Mouse’s Tank trail  is an easy half-mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of only 240 feet. It features a shaded picnic area as well as bathrooms for an easy well-appointed trip.

Your next stop will be the Petroglyph trail, located near the park’s Visitor center. Along this easy half-mile hiking trail, you will see many ancient Indian petroglyphs, some dating back 3,000 years. You’ll also enjoy amazing views from your vantage on the trail. Just steps away, you  can cool off in the Visitor Center or perhaps treat yourself to souvenirs. You can learn more about the prehistory, ecology and geology of this sandstone wonderland through the many displays and books available in the visitor center.

Now refreshed, our tour leads us to Elephant Rock, a natural arch that resembles the profile of an Elephant with its long trunk resting on the ground. From here you can enjoy unmatched vistas of this richly colored valley.  This hike is on one-third of a mile, and it is easy and rewarding for young and old alike.

By now you will be ready for the tasty custom lunch we ordered just for you from Chilly Jilly’s. Your guide will select a prime lunch setting just for you, making sure you are comfortable and ready for your scenic return through Lake Mead National Park.

This leg of the tour includes a  stop at Rogers Springs, a natural carbonate-rock aquifer spring. Here in this natural formation, groundwater flows through carbonate rock from the north. It is released and forced up through faults, pooling into Rogers Spring and discharging at a rate of 1,000 gallons per minute! The origin of the spring is still under debate, but the most popular theories contend that rainwater flows to this pristine well from as far off as Ely Nevada, some 250 miles north of Lake Mead. The mountains of southern Utah are also likely contributor to this fresh, cool drink of paradise in the desert.


Now your half day tour is complete. Our friends tell us it seems like a full day, there’s so much that we pack into this one unforgettable journey.

This tour is priced well at $125 per person. It includes all food, beverages, taxes and park fees. Tips are not required but greatly appreciated.