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Willow Beach Half Day

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This is an easy paddle for all levels of experience. Your day starts at 7:45 am from beautiful Willow Beach, Arizona where you will receive a 15-minute paddle and safety instruction from an experienced wilderness CPR-trained guide.

From Willow Beach we will paddle up the breathtaking, slow flowing Colorado River to the historic River Gauger’s Home. Here we will take a short hike up and tour of this fascinating and significant stop along our path.

Looking down upon the beauty of the mighty Colorado River, we will have a light stretch and healthy snack. Moving on we will cruise up river, and paddle into Emerald Cave. Here you can rest awhile,  floating on the cool, crystal clear water of this natural formation.

Refreshed, we continue on your Colorado River adventure paddling to the River Gauging station where you can discover the fascinating origins of the Hoover Dam project! Learn how the dam was first proposed and how it came to be the most spectacular water containment project of its time!

Our tour allots plenty of time to spot Bald eagles and Big Horn Sheep, as well as a vast array of other wildlife. Paddling along past the beautiful desert flora and fauna, your guide will lead you to an idyllic beach or canyon, where you’ll enjoy a fresh and tasty lunch . After lunch you may want to take a dip into the clear cool waters of the Colorado River or simply recline on the beach for a brief siesta.

Now energized, you will head down river enjoying the serenity of this unmatched desert paradise, always taking time to spot the variety plants and wildlife along our way back to Willow Beach.

This is a 6 mile tour, taking 4 to 5 hours to complete. This is a marvelous adventure for those who have evening plans. This tour combines well with an evening show on the Las Vegas Strip or other sight seeing adventure later in the day. Its short duration and early finish mean you won’t be worn out for an evening’s entertainment. You can expect to return between 12:00 noon and 1 p.m.

Half-day dogging is priced well at $167.00 dollars. The all-inclusive fare includes equipment rental, lunch, snacks, beverages, taxes and entry fees. Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.